Supported XEP's

This is an attempt to document the various XMPP Extensions (XEP’s) supported by XMPP protocol plugin in libpurple. Please note that this list is incomplete and that libpurple almost certainly supports more XEP’s than are listed here!

XEP Feature Name Status Notes
[XEP-0004]( Data Forms Final Since at least 2.4.1
[XEP-0012]( Last Activity Final
[XEP-0020]( Feature Negotiation Draft (for file transfers)
[XEP-0022]( Message Events Obsolete Superseded by [XEP-0085](, support updated.
[XEP-0030]( Service Discovery Final (no UI implementation in Finch)
[XEP-0038]( Icon Styles Deferred For smileys. Standard seems abandoned? Last revised 2003.
[XEP-0045]( Multi-User Chat Draft
[XEP-0047]( In-band Bytestreams (IBB) Final Since 2.6.0
[XEP-0050]( Ad-Hoc Commands Draft
[XEP-0054]( vcard-temp Active (Historical)
[XEP-0055]( Jabber Search Active (Historical)
[XEP-0060]( Publish-Subscribe Draft (partial/minimal support, used for PEP)
[XEP-0065]( SOCKS5 Bytestreams Draft
[XEP-0066]( Out of Band Data Draft
[XEP-0071]( XHTML-IM Draft
[XEP-0077]( In-Band Registration Final
[XEP-0084]( User Avatar Draft v1.1
[XEP-0085]( Chat State Notifications Final
[XEP-0091]( Legacy Delayed Delivery Obsolete Deprecated in favour of [XEP-203]( Still around.
[XEP-0092]( Software Version Draft
[XEP-0095]( Stream Initiation Draft
[XEP-0096]( SI File Transfer Draft (SOCKS5 bytestreams, IBB)
[XEP-0100]( Gateway Interaction Active minimal support in Pidgin/Finch
[XEP-0107]( User Mood Draft
[XEP-0115]( Entity Capabilities Draft v1.5 since 2.6.0
[XEP-0118]( User Tune Draft
[XEP-0124]( Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) Draft Since 2.6.0
[XEP-0146]( Remote Controlling Clients Active Since 2.2.1
[XEP-0153]( vCard-Based Avatars Active (Historical)
[XEP-0156]( Discovering Alternate XMPP Connection Methods Draft partial support since 2.6.0 (for BOSH)
[XEP-0163]( Personal Eventing Protocol Draft
[XEP-0166]( Jingle Draft Since 2.6.0
[XEP-0167]( Jingle RTP Sessions Draft Since 2.6.0 when compiled with voice and video support
[XEP-0172]( User Nickname Draft
[XEP-0174]( Serverless Messaging Final (via the Bonjour prpl)
[XEP-0176]( Jingle ICE-UDP Transport Method Draft Since 2.6.0 when compiled with voice and video support
[XEP-0177]( Jingle Raw-UDP Transport Method Draft Since 2.6.0 when compiled with voice and video support
[XEP-0191]( Simple Communications Blocking Draft Since 2.5.4
[XEP-0199]( XMPP Ping Final
[XEP-0202]( Entity Time Final
[XEP-0203]( Delayed Delivery Final Since 2.2.1
[XEP-0206]( XMPP Over BOSH Draft Since 2.6.0
[XEP-0224]( Attention Draft Started life as a Pidgin “buzz” extension in 2007, now an XEP :-)
[XEP-0231]( Bits of Binary Draft Since 2.5.2, used for custom emoticons.
[XEP-0232]( Software Information Deferred Intended to replace [XEP-0092]( using [XEP-0115](
[XEP-0237]( Roster Versioning Obsolete Since 2.6.5. XEP now part of RFC-4621
[XEP-0245]( The /me Command Active Since forever.
[XEP-0249]( Direct MUC Invitations Draft Support added in 2.6.4
[XEP-0256]( Last Activity in Presence Draft Since 2.6.0
[XEP-0264]( Jingle Content Thumbnails Experimental Thumbnails disabled in XMPP since 2.7.2 until it gets Draft status.
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