[Pidgin] #12059: Wrong online user count in groups

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Mon May 31 09:33:10 EDT 2010

#12059: Wrong online user count in groups
 Reporter:  poizon  |     Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  defect  |    Status:  new    
Component:  MSN     |   Version:  2.7.0  
 Keywords:  msn     |  
 To reproduce the bug:

 1. count the online users in a group (read the group tooltip or collapse
 the group)[[BR]]
 2. you need an msn user in this group, who listens music (for example, a
 pidgin user with musictracker plugin) and changes status from
 offline/hidden to online/busy/away[[BR]]
 3. count the online users again: the user, who listens music, is not
 counted as online user[[BR]]
 4. move this user tho another group: the wrong online count 'moves' with
 the user to the new group[[BR]]
 (sorry for my english)

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