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#11986: Separate HTTP and IM proxy servers no longer work in 2.7.0
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Comment(by psmith2100):

 I don't think you are looking at this from a "user impact" prospective,
 and I guess I just don't understand why you fixed this issue in 2.6.x
 after enough people complained about it, and then broke it again in 2.7.x
 so you could implement some other change.  Why could the 2.7.x changes not
 have waited until such time that they could be implemented without
 breaking this access?

 The official Yahoo 10 client and Trillian work fine with the
 separate IM and HTTP proxy servers just like Pidgin 2.6.6 did, so it
 appears that Pidgin's goal is not to work like the official IM clients or
 other multi-platform clients.

 Breaking this access and disregarding a group of users as insignificant
 does not instill confidence in the user community of the continued
 development of Pidgin or the stability or reliability of Pidgin, and there
 is such a thing as word of mouth among employees of an employer with
 hundreds of thousands of employees around the world.  I am starting to
 wonder why I bother with Pidgin and why I don't start using the official
 YIM client or Trillian.  And if I switch at work, I will switch at home
 like many other people will.

 Replying to [comment:4 rekkanoryo]:
 > Replying to [comment:2 psmith2100]:
 > > I tried checking the box to use account proxy for SSL connections, and
 that does not work.  I get the same error message that I posted an image
 for in my initial report.
 > >
 > > I still do not understand why this is not working.  You say Yahoo's
 login mechanism uses HTTPS which is SSL, and I checked the box to use
 account proxy for SSL, and that does not work.  I have the
 Preferences/Proxy set to an HTTP proxy.
 > [[BR]]
 > As I quite clearly said in my previous comment, the ''login process''
 uses '''HTTPS''', however the new ''lookup for connect servers'' uses
 '''HTTP.'''  That's a hugely important difference, as the option you're
 talking about affects '''''only'' HTTPS''' connections.
 > [[BR]]
 > > What exactly changed in 2.7.0 to break this?
 > [[BR]]
 > Again, as I already explained in my previous comment, I made changes
 that make Pidgin perform an HTTP request to retrieve the YMSG server's
 address.  The official clients have done this for at least 18 months now.
 This was absolutely necessary for Yahoo Japan accounts and will likely be
 absolutely necessary for all other Yahoo accounts in the near future.
 > [[BR]]
 > > Can this be fixed in 2.7.1?
 > >
 > > If not, how can I download 2.6.6 again?
 > [[BR]]
 > There are two ways for us to fix this, '''neither''' of which will
 happen for 2.7.1:
 >   * Revert to the previous connection mechanism, which I will not allow
 as it will break things for an entire class of users for the benefit of a
 handful of people.
 >   * Fix libpurple's proxy handling to allow configuring proxy
 information on a per-port and possibly even per-host basis.  This cannot
 happen in 2.x.y, as it will ''require'' changes that break all existing
 plugins; therefore this must wait until either 3.0.0 or 4.0.0.
 > There is a way for your corporate IT department to fix this--allow the
 IM proxy to also handle HTTP-only requests to
 http://vcs1.msg.yahoo.com/capacity (and
 http://cs1.msg.vip.ogk.yahoo.co.jp/capacity if Yahoo Japan support is
 > If you want to download old versions of Pidgin, you can do so via
 Pidgin's Sourceforge project page.

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