[Pidgin] #12024: Custom browser command not saved/read

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Tue May 25 19:51:15 EDT 2010

#12024: Custom browser command not saved/read
 Reporter:  rtobar               |     Owner:  rekkanoryo
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Component:  unclassified         |   Version:  2.7.0     
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 Hi all,

 I'm running pidgin 2.6.6. I don't use GNOME; instead, I run it over

 I recently switched to use google-chrome, so I wanted to change the
 setting in pidgin to use a custom browser. Nevertheless, this is the
 behavior that I checked while trying to change the manual command:

  * Open Preferences
  * Switch to Browser
  * Select "Manual" from the list
  * Write "google-chrome %s" in the text field for the command
  * Switching to other tabs of the Preferences window, and then back to
 Browser maintained the value of the command.
  * Close the Preferences window
  * Open it again, go to Browser, then the custom command is gone
  * Also, whenever you click in an URL, it complains about the custom
 command not being set.

 I looked through the code, and I think believe that the "browsers/command"
 preference should be treated as string, and not as a path. Since it's
 currently being treated as a path, it will fail to read/write since the
 "google-chrome %s" file doesn't exist obviously.

 Reading more code, I realized that if I would put "/usr/bin/google-chrome"
 as custom command, that would work; nevertheless, the preference is meant
 to have more than a path, but also arguments for the executable, even the
 "%s" string for the URL.

 The only places where I found that this property is being read/written is
 in gtkprefs.c and gtknotify.c. I'm attaching

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