[Pidgin] #11986: Separate HTTP and IM proxy servers no longer work in 2.7.0

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#11986: Separate HTTP and IM proxy servers no longer work in 2.7.0
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Comment(by psmith2100):

 I tried checking the box to use account proxy for SSL connections, and
 that does not work.  I get the same error message that I posted an image
 for in my initial report.

 I still do not understand why this is not working.  You say Yahoo's login
 mechanism uses HTTPS which is SSL, and I checked the box to use account
 proxy for SSL, and that does not work.  I have the Preferences/Proxy set
 to an HTTP proxy.

 Bottom line is I have the same settings I had in 2.6.6, and they do not
 work in 2.7.0.  And I know my situation for corporate network is not
 unique.  We have a HTTP proxy for general internet access, and we have an
 IM proxy that is capable of handling SSL required for Yahoo login.

 What exactly changed in 2.7.0 to break this?

 Can this be fixed in 2.7.1?

 If not, how can I download 2.6.6 again?

 Replying to [comment:1 rekkanoryo]:
 > The reason this worked for you previously is that yahoo's login
 mechanism uses HTTPS, which I implemented an override for.  There is a
 yahoo account option that allows specifying whether the account-specific
 proxy will be used for SSL connections.  However, I changed the yahoo sign
 in process to be more like the official client, so we perform an HTTP
 request to look up the server to connect to (this is their form of load
 balancing).  The SSL option I mentioned doesn't affect HTTP--only HTTPS.
 Unfortunately we don't have a mechanism for specifying different proxies
 for different ports/service types.

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