[Pidgin] #11989: Pidgin for Windows doesn't load Perl 5.12

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Sat May 22 01:17:48 EDT 2010

#11989: Pidgin for Windows doesn't load Perl 5.12
Reporter:  jonchang  |        Type:  defect 
  Status:  new       |   Component:  plugins
 Version:  2.7.0     |    Keywords:         
 Pidgin only searches for perl510.dll, and it's called perl512.dll for the
 new version. As far as I know there aren't any horribly incompatible

 findstr reveals the areas that might need to be changed:

 $ findstr /n /i /s /c:"perl510" *
 libpurple\plugins\perl\common\Makefile.mingw:84:LIBS =
 -lperl510 \
 libpurple\plugins\perl\Makefile.mingw:52:                       -lperl510
 pidgin\plugins\perl\common\Makefile.mingw:77:LIBS =
 -lperl510 \
 pidgin\win32\nsis\pidgin-installer.nsi:72:!define PERL_DLL

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