[Pidgin] #10553: Unable to receive messages while away

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#10553: Unable to receive messages while away
 Reporter:  Harmonixer  |        Owner:  MarkDoliner
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  Version:  2.6.3       |   Resolution:             
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Comment(by darkrain42):

 Replying to [comment:3 vincentj7]:
 > Confirmed in Version 2.7.0 while I am simultaneously logged into AIM on
 my phone.  If the new behavior is that messages are blocked when Pidgin is
 away and my account is available on another device, then I'd like an
 option to change that behavior.

 Your issue is completely different (as evidenced by Harmonixer saying
 explicitly that s/he ''was not'' logged in from another location).  AFAIK
 (and in my personally observed experience), the AIM servers simply do not
 deliver messages to a client that is __Away__ when another client is
 logged on that is Available.  I don't think there's anything Pidgin can do
 about this.

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