[Pidgin] #11961: Plugin message notifications doesn't work correctly

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Wed May 19 04:45:45 EDT 2010

#11961: Plugin message notifications doesn't work correctly
Reporter:  alitrix  |        Type:  plugin request
  Status:  new      |   Component:  plugins       
 Version:  2.7.0    |    Keywords:                

 In the previous version (2.6.6) when somebody send a message to me
 (doesn't matter what protocol) - and the window is minimized - it started
 to blink in the taskbar.

 Since 2.7.0 it isn't working anymore.
 These options are checked in the Message Notification plugin:

 '''Notify for'''

 - IM windows
 - Chat iwndows

 '''Notification Methods'''

 - Prepend string into window title: (*)
 - Insert count of new messages into window title
 - Flash window

 '''Notification Removal'''

 - Remove when conversation window gains focus
 - Remove when typing in conversation window

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