[Pidgin] #11936: configure check for mono fails with mono 2.6.4

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Mon May 17 08:29:19 EDT 2010

#11936: configure check for mono fails with mono 2.6.4
Reporter:  waschk  |        Type:  defect 
  Status:  new     |   Component:  plugins
 Version:  2.7.0   |    Keywords:  mono   
 This is with pidgin 2.7.0 and mono 2.6.4 on Mandriva 2010.1:

 checking for MONO... yes
 checking for libmono... checking for mono_jit_init... yes
 checking mono/jit/jit.h usability... no
 checking mono/jit/jit.h presence... no
 checking for mono/jit/jit.h... no
 checking mono/metadata/object.h usability... no
 checking mono/metadata/object.h presence... no
 checking for mono/metadata/object.h... no

 The pkgconfig file was changed in mono 2.6.4 and does not reference
 glib-2.0 anymore:
 ## Commented out because SLE hides devel files in the SLE SDK,
 ## which not all customers will have.
 #Requires: glib-2.0 gthread-2.0

 The mono plugin is also missing a glib include. Please see the attached
 patch for a fix.

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