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#11339: Custom Protocol Icons
 Reporter:  Universe_JDJ    |        Owner:  rekkanoryo  
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Comment(by hobarrera):

 I think everyone has something mixed up.

 We're not taking about PROTOCOL icons, we're talking about PER-ACCOUNT-

 Facebook uses XMPP.  Google Talk uses XMPP.  They're all the SAME
 protocol.  It's only logical their protocol icons are the same.
 What you're asking for is separate '''per-account''' icons.

 I believe that being able to manually pick a per-account icon, and have it
 shown in the contacts list would be a nice feature (even though I
 '''don't''' use Facebook or Google Talk).

 A new tab in the accounts property page would be helpful for this,
 providing the PROTOCOL icon by default, and gtalk, facebook, and a couple
 of more icons as choices.

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