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#11914: Blank contacts and offline after computer is idle
 Reporter:  mitchelwb  |        Owner:  datallah       
     Type:  defect     |       Status:  pending        
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 > Windows is telling Pidgin that the Internet connection went away (and
 isn't ever saying it came back).  There are a few other tickets which may
 or may not be related (#10744 and #9649 were the ones that popped up via
 > Is there a setting somewhere in Windows that disables networks when the
 screensaver goes on/screen blanks?  If so, sthat may be the issue.

 I didn't find either of those two tickets when I was searching, but likely
 didn't search for the same thing.  I read both of them... they do both
 seem similar, but distinctly different.

 10744 - States that it will happen mid conversation.  This has not
 happened to me.  Also, he states they do try to reconnect and get locked
 out.  I don't think that is happening to me. I don't have any problem
 getting back on once I quit and restart pidgin. The standout piece of
 information in that ticket is that he begins to suspect his network.  I
 don't have any other reason to suspect mine either, other than the age of
 my router.  It is an old Linksys wireless, but has always been stable.
 Also, the router wouldn't tell Pidgin that the network is gone.  Windows
 is doing that.  But apparently not telling Pidgin when the network is
 back, or Pidgin isn't responding correctly when the network is back.

 9649 - Biggest differences here are that he is stating that he gets a
 reconnect button.  I'm not even getting that.

 I've also seen other tickets (sorry, don't have the numbers handy) where
 the user states that they have to disable and re-enable accounts.  I've
 never had to do that.  I simply quit and restart pidgin and it immediately
 connects to all my IM's.

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