[Pidgin] #10527: pidgin eats chat lines

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Fri May 14 12:55:50 EDT 2010

#10527: pidgin eats chat lines
 Reporter:  Dread Knight                                    |        Owner:  khc
     Type:  defect                                          |       Status:  new
Milestone:                                                  |    Component:  MSN
  Version:  2.6.2                                           |   Resolution:     
 Keywords:  disconnect server msn error handling send text  |  

Comment(by darkrain42):

 First of all, what salinasv said.  Be polite.

 Since I think there might be a bit of a communication issue here, let me
 restate what salinasv (sidebar: I really wish your trac username was
 "Masca" :P) said: the MSN prpl *does* currently try to retransmit
 messages.  It only shows an error message when that fails (after a few
 minutes, ickily)).  The fact it does so is considered a hack (since it
 doesn't really work all that well, among other reasons) by some

 That said, it is true that Pidgin could use a better UI for handling
 message ACKs (probably in other protocols more so than MSN).

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