[Pidgin] #11830: Allow obtaining active candidates by libpurple media API

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Wed May 12 17:02:23 EDT 2010

#11830: Allow obtaining active candidates by libpurple media API
Reporter:  haakon  |        Type:  patch              
  Status:  new     |   Component:  libpurple          
 Version:  2.7.0   |    Keywords:  media candidate api
 Libpurple media API contains functions
 purple_media_get_active_local_candidates and
 purple_media_get_active_remote_candidates. In the current code they are
 permanently disabled because they are not used anywhere.

 During development of our Microsoft OCS protocol plugin
 (http://sipe.sourceforge.net) we found these two functions useful as we
 need the information about current active candidates in signaling
 communication via SIP protocol.

 So I would like to ask you to make these functions part of the API in the
 next version of libpurple, believe they can also be useful for other
 projects using voice and video.

 I don't provide a patch file, fixing this issue is just removing macros
 that are disabling compilation in libpurple/media.h and libpurple/media.c

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