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#11764: Account Names
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Comment(by tristangrimaux):

 Replying to [comment:14 manski]:
 > Replying to [comment:12 tristangrimaux]:
 > > Sad is the use of the XMPP on the server side, but the good thing is
 they implement enough to let the client use any standard XMPP client.
 > What do you mean by this? The use of what?
 Facebook's implementation of the XMPP protocol falls short on many
 aspects. But I'm really glad they didn't come up with a new protocol and
 that the Facebook team finally put together something that any standard
 XMPP client can use. This comment might go very off topic, please forgive

 > > Yes! And instead of implementing another XMPP protocol, it could be
 implemented as Account Types.
 > I fail to see the difference between "account type" and "protocol".
 Aren't they the same (for most protocols other than XMPP)?

 This is also material for another ticket, but what I think is this:
 Protocols are fine, and nothing is changed on the protocol classes as they
 have what is needed to connect, so a new thing can be created:
 AccountTypes. A place to put default values for new accounts. When
 everyone invented their own protocol this was not thinkable, but when
 there is so many services using XMPP you can think of this:

 MSN Account type: creates an account with the MSN protocol, the MSN icon,
 the msn server filled and something else.

 MSN Anonymizer type: creates an account with the MSN protocol, a modified
 MSN icon with a bunny (it's an example) the msn server icon and a public
 proxy. I don't know if this is very useful, but anyone can think of
 something better. An admin could create an account type using he's company

 Facebook account type: creates an account with the XMPP protocol, icon,
 server, tls unchecked, and so.

 GTalk account type: creates an account with XMPP protocol, icon, server,
 and that.

 There is a lot that can be done on this aspect, only by filling
 automatically things on very well known protocols. But there are
 attributes needed on the account to hold those values: The account name
 that might be filled with something like ''My account on Facebook'', and
 the icon, of course. It is important to see that if you let the name to be
 the name of the account and not the name of a ''protocol'', you allow the
 user to give the real meaning of that account. It could be having multiple
 accounts on the same service and namimg them to help identify what they
 are: ''My Business Account on MSN'', or ''My Social Account on GTalk''.

 Easier to implement would be Account Templates, so the account type is not
 stored in the account class, its just a way to fill things the first time.

 A new window could get implemented to add those account types asking only
 for the minimal things: user and password. The rest can be modified from
 the account dialog.

 The condition needed to do ALL of this is: the inclusion of a local
 account icon and a local account name on the account class.

 > > The local account icon will fit nicely
 > >
 > >   * as a an emblem over the buddy icon (like nautilus) in the chat
 > >   * in the toaster popups as you mentioned
 > >   * when adding a buddy, as it will illustrate better than the
 protocol icon in which network is to be added that buddy
 > >   *  when editing the accounts
 > >   * on the menu
 > I think the differentiation between "protocol icon" and "local account
 icon" would be nice but I think for the moment it would be easier to allow
 the user to adjust the "protocol icon" instead of adding a new icon type
 (which would require a lot more changes, wouldn't it?)

 Indeed, I think the protocol icon is not needed. Not really because the
 user does not need to know he is using XMPP, he just wants to use
 Facebook, or GTalk or That-Server-There. But it would be very ungratefull
 not to show any sign of the real marvel that is slowly dethroning the MSN

 > > The most important part is the local account name. Once that property
 appears on the class everything starts to fit.
 > Actually, I think the customizable icon (however it'll be implemented)
 is more important, don't you think. At least, they're equally important
 The name is important only from a logic perspective. The final usability
 of course will be the use of an image. The Account class is missing an
 important property that nurtures what you can do with a class: the name.

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