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#11764: Account Names
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Comment(by tristangrimaux):

 Replying to [comment:11 darkrain42]:
 > I'm splitting this up into multiple replies, for my sanity.

 Let's focus on the account::
   An account has a username, the password, the domain, the server and some
 other properties. An account name is a local representation identifying
 this group of data as an entity.

 Username: manofmistery
 Domain: secret.super.super

 Password, etc...
 Friendly Name: Man'O.Mistery (this should set the local alias and the
 friendly name where the protocol permits it)
 Buddy Icon: anicepictureofmyraincoat.png

 Local Account Name: My super secret agent account
 Local Account Icon: somethingsecret.png

 Another one

 Username: me
 domain: gmail
 account name: My Business GTalk account
 Local Icon: standardgtalkicon.png

 Username: homeversionofme
 domain: gmail
 account name: My Home GTalk account
 Local Icon: standardgtalkicon.png

 In both accounts, the protocol icon is XMPP.[[BR]]

 Users usually split their accounts on the same network when they want to
 connect with friends and they do not want to be bothered by their
 customers or bosses, so every account has a representation that varies
 from user to user.

 > This sounds like a use for the protocol icon to me (yes, the fact that
 Facebook identifies itself as XMPP is unfortunate, as Facebook's XMPP
 implementation lacks a lot of the cool features of XMPP).

 Sad is the use of the XMPP on the server side, but the good thing is they
 implement enough to let the client use any standard XMPP client.

 > As I said above and previously, it would be nice if protocol icons were
 distinguishable for things like Facebook from other XMPP services.

 Yes! And instead of implementing another XMPP protocol, it could be
 implemented as Account Types. For instance, the user adds an msn account
 and the program adds the account, the default server and the msn protocol.
 It also adds a standard msn icon that the user can change. Add a GTalk
 Type Account and the program adds an account with the xmpp protocol with
 the standard things already filled, the user ads the username and
 password. The icon is set to google something.

 Account types are material for another ticket, but they could be simply
 default settings for an account, including protocol, icon and server.

 > My current guess of what you're asking for is a "Local Account Icon",
 that is set per-account, but ''is not'' transmitted to the server, and
 simply serves as a visual indicator.


 >if that's correct, I still think an ability to set per-account protocol
 icons would roughly work here, although it does constrain the size of the
 icons (I'm unsure on whether that's a bad thing or not :P).  These would
 primarily be displayed in the toaster popups (pidgin-libnotify or
 guifications), right?  Where else do you envision they'd be displayed?
 (It seems to me that, since they wouldn't garner widespread use outside of
 the toaster popup plugins, it would be more reasonable to implement it

 The local account icon will fit nicely

   * as a an emblem over the buddy icon (like nautilus) in the chat window
   * in the toaster popups as you mentioned
   * when adding a buddy, as it will illustrate better than the protocol
 icon in which network is to be added that buddy
   *  when editing the accounts
   * on the menu

 some mockups


 > I'll respond to the later parts in a bit; I have to run now.
 Thanks in advance!!

 The most important part is the local account name. Once that property
 appears on the class everything starts to fit.

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