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#6824: "Local alias" is confusing
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Comment(by tristangrimaux):

 Change the label, It's not a Local Alias, is the ACCOUNT NAME.

 I've opened a new ticket #11764 suggesting to add an Account Name. That's
 because on a multiple accounts scenario -even pointing to the same server-
 it should be nicer if the pop-ups display somthing like "Fulano from
 Facebook says Hello" instead of having "Fulano saying something" and not
 knowing who is this guy from.

 I was misusing Local Alias because an alias is applied to a person, and I
 thought -as many- that an Alias was the DisplayName of my account. By the
 way, I don't know how to set the display name for each account if there is
 a chance.

 Account Name is a better fit, because people already use this convention
 when using Thunderbird, to name one mail client. Indeed, if the popups
 displayed "%budy from %localias says %s" we could easily understand what
 is LocalAlias used for.

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