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#11764: Account Names
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Description changed by darkrain42:

Old description:

> Dear Lord! I misinterpreted -as many, as I see in the tickets #6824,
> #4107 and #5918- what does ''Local Alias'' mean. I was using the
> LocalAlias option to set a Display Name for my account. Account Name,
> that's what it is. Thanks for pointing that out.

New description:

 Accounts have no name. I went down to _PurpleAccount in account.h and
 there is no room for actually naming a account. If a user has a lot of
 different accounts, on GMail, Facebook and Private XMPP servers, he will
 have a list of XMPP icons with username's... no account name.

 Suppose there is a notification, and User Foo is online, it would be great
 to have a notification stating "Foo from Facebook is online".

 This could be added on 3.0.0 along with the hash tables.

 Custom icons -for the account, not the user- will help too, as there is no
 need to create a new protocol when everybody is using XMPP (thank God!)


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