[Pidgin] #3330: MSN timeout/ connection errors mid-conversation

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#3330: MSN timeout/ connection errors mid-conversation
 Reporter:  Hawkeye  |        Owner:  khc
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  Version:  2.2.0    |   Resolution:     
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Comment(by mt1086):


 This problem has been around for a long time ago but it started to happen
 more and more offen when the MSN protocol was updated. I believe that
 after 2.5.4 this started to happen very frequently and still in 2.5.6 the
 bug persists. This is what happens to me:

 I start talking to someone AND I NEVER CLOSE the conversation window.

 I talk non-stop with this person without problems BUT when me AND this
 person I'm talking to stop talking for about a minute (I believe that
 after a minute of silence the connections is dropped) all my messages
 start bouncing. Sometimes, if I close the window and open it again, the
 problem is gone (but if there's silence for a minute or two again, the
 problem is back).

 It's a very annoying bug, I stopped using pidgin when working for
 communicating with my colleges because I cannot respond inmmediatly to
 someone's question/comment.

 Thanks, Matías

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