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#3319: MSN group name display support
 Reporter:  manphiz                 |        Owner:  khc
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Comment(by felipec):

 Replying to [comment:58 deryni]:
 > Correct, leaving things as is is not an option, and yes generic tagging
 is not exactly appropriate (but it isn't inappropriate either, because
 this information *is* a tag, it is more fundamental of a tag than many
 other possible tags but it is nonetheless a tag).
 > Personally, I consider an interface that allows someone to masquerade as
 another user as fundamentally flawed. Does the official client support any
 way to determine what user actually sent a message that is displayed as
 being from a P4-Context header? From what I've heard it would sound like
 it does not, which means that I can pretend to be anyone I want which is
 just bad. I should have made it clear that even if pidgin were to support
 per-message 'aliases' I would not support using those in place of the
 sender name/alias but only in addition to them (I would be fine with
 making the per-message alias the primary identifier and only placing the
 buddy alias as a secondary identifier, but not with removing the buddy
 alias entirely).

 You are mixing public alias with private alias. The public alias can be
 per message, but if you have a private alias for that buddy, then that's
 what you'll see instead.

 > When would "Oliver: John Oliver: hi there!" happen? Why set a P4-Context
 when a normal friendly name will do? What purpose does this serve in
 normal one-on-one conversations (other than to obscure who you really
 are)? Again, I personally, see no reason to support such an identity
 obscuring "feature".

 It would happen all the time, if your buddy doesn't have neither a public
 alias nor a private alias but has P4-Context then you'll see:

 john.oliver at gmail.com: John Oliver: hi there!

 Is that so hard to imagine?

 Also, since you are not an MSN user, If I were you I wouldn't trust my own

 > One of the key things to realize about the arbitrary tagging idea is
 that with webkit themes the tags would ideally be arbitrarily
 placeable/displayable by the theme, so a theme could decide whether the
 P4-Context header should replace the buddy alias or not.

 No, theme authors don't care about such details. They just care about the
 name that should be displayed, that's it.

 > I see no reason to specifically support per-message aliases rather than
 supporting arbitrary per-message attributes/tags. Your simple assertion
 that the per-message alias is not a tag is simply not sufficient.

 It is *not* a tag. If you decide to display it as such you'll be doing
 something wrong, possibly worst than the current situation.

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