[Pidgin] #9264: New twitter.com SSL certificate root server unrecognized

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Thu May 28 07:40:38 EDT 2009

#9264: New twitter.com SSL certificate root server unrecognized
 Reporter:  zxinn                                       |        Owner:  lschiere    
     Type:  enhancement                                 |       Status:  closed      
Milestone:                                              |    Component:  unclassified
  Version:  2.5.6                                       |   Resolution:  invalid     
 Keywords:  twitter mbpurple certificate ssl microblog  |  

Comment(by bazzargh):

 The problem is that pidgin ships on some platforms with a relatively
 incomplete set of root CA certificates. On platforms where pidgin is built
 with system-certificate support, a more comprehensive set is available;
 but on windows, only the pidgin-supplied root CAs are used.

 This same problem also affects the facebook plugin (and it's the same root
 CA that's missing, apparently). I've attached the copy of the missing root
 CA cert I used to fix the problem for myself - by exporting it from
 firefox, and adding it into C:\Program Files\Pidgin\ca-
 certs\EquifaxSecureGlobaleBusinessCA-1.pem ; posting this info for people
 who find themselves reading this bug. It'd be a good idea for you to
 export the certificate from firefox yourself, rather than use the attached
 copy however.

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