[Pidgin] #8545: Pidgin 2.5.4 Always says "waiting for network connection"

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#8545: Pidgin 2.5.4 Always says "waiting for network connection"
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Comment(by deryni):

 Most users don't want or need to know what NM is, so an option is just
 going to be confusing.

 The fact that NM sucks, the fact that NM doesn't support all possible
 networking configurations, etc. are all not pidgin issues, we don't make
 your distro build with NM support. If you don't want it built that way
 complain to them about it.

 There isn't anything we can do (as far as I know, nor in any way I might
 imagine) about the case where NM knows about one connection and not
 another but you are using the secondary connection it doesn't know
 anything about. It would seem reasonable to me to ignore NM entirely when
 it knows about no connections at all (if we can ask it to tell us that,
 which I have to imagine we can).

 The fact that removing NM breaks Ubuntu is also not our problem nor is it
 something we can do anything about, again talk to Ubuntu if you don't like

 I have more than once rejected the suggestion from people that we need to
 fix pidgin to always honor the NM status (even for manual status changes)
 because it would completely break pidgin for people for whom NM is broken.
 I would be more than happy to yank all NM support as well, but when it
 works people like it so we can't really do that either.

 There really isn't much we can do to make this better for many of the
 cases where it currently fails.

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