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#9247: Translation "error" in German UI
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Comment(by jkemnade):

 This discussion arises from time to time in different places and bug
 trackers. Björn and I have decided to keep the translation as it is mostly
 for the following reasons, some of which have already been mentioned here.
  * The translation "Kontakt" is not correct as it means "contact", which
 is also used within pidgin, but with a slightly different meaning, and we
 like to keep the translation as close to the original as possible
  * UI change (We think, that most of the people got used to the term and
 there'd surely be more complaints if we changed it (as Björn already
 pointed out, that would affect various places in the UI) than there are

 And about that hilariousness thing (I guess, you mean silly or
 ridiculous?), I don't consider it an especially unusual decision not to
 translate certain words or phrases when internationalizing software.
 For example, open the "Datei" menu in the firefox browser. Oh, look, what
 have we got here: The 6th item reads "Tab schließen". Anglicism. Second to
 last item: "Offline arbeiten". Anglicism. Let's continue to the "Ansicht"
 menu. "Sidebar", "Zoom", "Webseiten-Stil". I could go on, but I think, you
 get the point.

 While I'm tempted to consider this a wontfix, I still think, it'd be a
 good idea to leave this bug open for a while and see, how other people
 think about this. I'd also like to suggest using the voting button at the
 top of the page.

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