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#9057: Swahili Localization
 Reporter:  emanuel.feruzi  |        Owner:  lschiere    
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  Version:  2.5.5           |   Resolution:  fixed       
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Comment(by emanuel.feruzi):

 There is different version of Swahili. The other main one I know of is
 Swahili from Kenya. But as for Firefox we have agreed with the we will all
 use our localization. As a matter of fact they will use the work we have
 done as a stepping stone to other local languages in Kenya such as Kikuyu
 etc. So I guess we can use sw.po

 So must I send the files with that name from now on? I have also checked
 here http://developer.pidgin.im/l10n/ and Swahili is not in yet.

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