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#3319: MSN group name display support
 Reporter:  manphiz                 |        Owner:  khc
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Comment(by deryni):

 Correct, leaving things as is is not an option, and yes generic tagging is
 not exactly appropriate (but it isn't inappropriate either, because this
 information *is* a tag, it is more fundamental of a tag than many other
 possible tags but it is nonetheless a tag).

 Personally, I consider an interface that allows someone to masquerade as
 another user as fundamentally flawed. Does the official client support any
 way to determine what user actually sent a message that is displayed as
 being from a P4-Context header? From what I've heard it would sound like
 it does not, which means that I can pretend to be anyone I want which is
 just bad. I should have made it clear that even if pidgin were to support
 per-message 'aliases' I would not support using those in place of the
 sender name/alias but only in addition to them (I would be fine with
 making the per-message alias the primary identifier and only placing the
 buddy alias as a secondary identifier, but not with removing the buddy
 alias entirely).

 When would "Oliver: John Oliver: hi there!" happen? Why set a P4-Context
 when a normal friendly name will do? What purpose does this serve in
 normal one-on-one conversations (other than to obscure who you really
 are)? Again, I personally, see no reason to support such an identity
 obscuring "feature".

 One of the key things to realize about the arbitrary tagging idea is that
 with webkit themes the tags would ideally be arbitrarily
 placeable/displayable by the theme, so a theme could decide whether the
 P4-Context header should replace the buddy alias or not.

 I see no reason to specifically support per-message aliases rather than
 supporting arbitrary per-message attributes/tags. Your simple assertion
 that the per-message alias is not a tag is simply not sufficient.

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