[Pidgin] #7693: Always on top buddy list hides child dialogs

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Tue May 26 18:32:31 EDT 2009

#7693: Always on top buddy list hides child dialogs
 Reporter:  Daniel Beardsmore  |        Owner:  deryni      
     Type:  defect             |       Status:  pending     
Milestone:                     |    Component:  pidgin (gtk)
  Version:  2.5.2              |   Resolution:              
 Keywords:  autoparent         |  
Changes (by deryni):

  * status:  new => pending


 apidginuser: As I said, this issue is a window management one. The fact
 that it works in Vista and not in XP illustrates that fact. You indicate
 that 2.4.3 on Vista doesn't have this problem, does 2.5.5? I'm going to
 bet it doesn't. (Sorry for the delay in responding.) And I think you are
 talking about a different issue than what this ticket is discussing, your
 issue sounds like #9060 or #6054.

 Daniel Beardsmore: Looking over this ticket again, the issue still appears
 to me to be that Windows seems to require that windows/dialogs parented to
 windows that are set to be always-on-top must also have the always-on-top
 value set for them, is that correct? Does that match up with your
 understanding of things? I haven't looked at the GTK+ code in question but
 (as far as I know) pidgin just asks GTK+ to create a dialog window for it
 (and then automagically parents it to the buddy list, thus causing the
 centering). It is still my intention to kill the autoparenting entirely,
 which should help mitigate the original problem, but possibly not solve

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