[Pidgin] #7458: Google Talk contact 'Full Name' aliases should be used in place of User ID

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Tue May 26 16:03:18 EDT 2009

#7458: Google Talk contact 'Full Name' aliases should be used in place of User ID
 Reporter:  stinky2nine  |        Owner:  seanegan   
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  Version:  2.5.2        |   Resolution:             
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Comment(by deryni):

 If you Got Info on a buddy and then removed them from your server list
 with some other instance of pidgin (or some other client) then pidgin is
 still going to have that alias stored locally (in the blist.xml file) and
 so you are going to see them with that alias when you Show->Offline

 At login time the only information we get about the buddies in your buddy
 list is the information contained in the roster the server gives us. For a
 buddy which does not have a name attribute we only have the JID and thus
 can only show that information.

 When you Get Info on someone we request additional information about the
 buddy and can then get many more details about them (among them the Full
 Name, the buddy icon, telephone numbers, location, etc. anything they
 chose to store in their vCard). We could query every roster entry for that
 information at login time but that would be many more requests and much
 more data transferred for (potentially) little gain (they may not have any
 extra info to fetch, or they might have lots but not a Full
 Name/Nickname/First Name/Last Name or buddy icon, which are the only bits
 of vCard information I believe we use).

 It might make sense to automatically fetch that information when you add a
 buddy the first time, and is something that would be worth considering.

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