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#9247: Translation "error" in German UI
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Comment(by tretti):

 Replying to [comment:2 tretti]:
 > What made me think that this is an incorrect translation is the fact
 that none of my friends uses this word in his everyday language and I'm
 quite sure that other people that heavn't used a lot of IM clients before
 would be familiar with it. Apart from that as far as I know only AIM is
 using this term in its own original client. Other Clients simply use the
 more easy to understand and better looking/sounding "Kontakt".

 I'm sorry that my wording was kind of unclear here: I meant, that people
 that haven't use a lot of IM clients before also won't be familiar with
 the term "buddy".

 Also I'm aware of the fact that it's spelled "instant messaging" in
 English and "Instant-Messaging" in German. Sorry for messing this up in
 the post above. ;)

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