[Pidgin] #7140: Use the Pidgin emoticon theme instead the protocol's set

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Sat May 23 01:05:34 EDT 2009

#7140: Use the Pidgin emoticon theme instead the protocol's set
 Reporter:  jpaul                        |        Owner:  salinasv        
     Type:  patch                        |       Status:  new             
Milestone:  Patches Needing Improvement  |    Component:  custom emoticons
  Version:  2.5.1                        |   Resolution:                  
 Keywords:  emoticons custom msn         |  
Changes (by QuLogic):

  * milestone:  Patches Needing Review => Patches Needing Improvement


 Replying to [comment:6 salinasv]:
 > I have uploaded a patch that do the magic. Now we need to show it nice
 in the IMHTMLToolbar and try to not load the file more than once.
 Based on this, is this is ready yet?

 I see a few problems.
  1. Inserting a smiley with an apostrophe comes out as '
  1. In the smiley manager, all the custom ones are blurry (probably the
 case for all smileys at lower res, but it's more evident this way).
  1. On MSN, all the normal smileys went disabled. In the Debug Window, it
 (01:00:02) smiley: :) custom: 0 with flags 800
 (01:00:02) Gtk: gtk_box_pack: assertion `child->parent == NULL' failed

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