[Pidgin] #9234: XMPP Pings must be made configurable for users

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Fri May 22 12:19:58 EDT 2009

#9234: XMPP Pings must be made configurable for users
 Reporter:  niraj19july  |        Owner:  deryni 
     Type:  defect       |       Status:  pending
Milestone:               |    Component:  XMPP   
  Version:  2.5.6        |   Resolution:         
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Changes (by darkrain42):

  * status:  new => pending


 The current implementation times out after 120 seconds, not 30 seconds.
 Pings are sent every 30 seconds (assuming we're not waiting for a response
 from the server).

 If the timeout period were configurable and you had a choice (but there
 was no option to disable the pings), what value would you choose?  If we
 make this configurable, why would we not make the timeout for TCP
 connections and file transfers configurable? note: some of those don't
 currently *have* timeouts, which means that in some circumstances, users
 don't receive any feedback that a connection to the server cannot be
 established; Pidgin just sits there "Connecting".

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