[Pidgin] #9211: Allow yahoo account to add MSN buddies

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Wed May 20 12:47:46 EDT 2009

#9211: Allow yahoo account to add MSN buddies
 Reporter:  zeng_hongwei  |        Owner:  marv  
     Type:  enhancement   |       Status:  closed
Milestone:  2.6.0         |    Component:  Yahoo!
  Version:  2.5.5         |   Resolution:  fixed 
 Keywords:                |  
Changes (by rekkanoryo):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => fixed
  * milestone:  => 2.6.0


 This proposed solution is invalid, as Yahoo ID's may have `@` in them.  A
 classic example is the `@sbcglobal.net` ID's given to SBC DSL customers.
 Intentionally ignoring this case is unacceptable.

 That said, the handling of adding MSN buddies to a Yahoo account has been
 added for Pidgin 2.6.0 by enabling the use of
 `msn/someaddress at hotmail.com` to add the buddy.  This ''will not work''
 until 2.6.0.

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