[Pidgin] #9197: Tray icon should show if it is disconnected.

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Wed May 20 11:07:47 EDT 2009

#9197: Tray icon should show if it is disconnected.
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     Type:  enhancement               |       Status:  new         
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  Version:  2.5.5                     |   Resolution:              
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Comment(by deryni):

 We do not handle the case where we have disabled an account due to a fatal
 error (this includes being signed on elsewhere) as well as we could,
 however I am uncertain what we should be displaying to make this better.
 Displaying a disconnected icon only makes sense if all accounts are
 disconnected, displaying a connecting icon is absolutely incorrect,
 displaying an 'inconsistent' icon (whatever that may be) would be the best
 but would leave people potentially unclear as to what to do (though upon
 opening the buddy list it would be made more obvious as the error mini
 dialog would be visible).

 Did the presenters in the podcast discuss what they would rather pidgin
 do? Did they discuss what other clients do that makes this better? Do you
 have specific thoughts as to what could be done that would correctly
 capture what the status icon is indicating, covers all the cases that have
 been mentioned, and 'solves' this problem? I don't. I'd love to get the
 podcasters feedback on this since they appear to have strong feelings
 about this and probably have some behaviour they prefer, I don't know
 their communities well but if you are involved there are all feel free to
 mention this ticket there (and or direct anyone interested in discussing
 this to come talk to us).

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