[Pidgin] #9205: Pidgin steals focus while typing passwords

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Wed May 20 03:24:53 EDT 2009

#9205: Pidgin steals focus while typing passwords
Reporter:  yohell  |        Type:  defect                       
  Status:  new     |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)                 
 Version:  2.5.2   |    Keywords:  focus steal password security
 I was typing my user account password for network authentication at work
 when pidgin suddenly flashed a popup at me. What popup it was we'll never
 know because it promptly disappeared. Presumably because I was still
 typing and must have hit a key corresponding to one of the buttons in the
 dialog. Shortly afterwards, still typing the password, I was again
 interrupted by a focus stealing pidging popup asking me to accept the
 certificate for login.live.com.

 Stealing focus is always annoying, but stealing focus while the user is
 typing a password is outright unaceptable.

 Pidgin can be configured to not steal focus at least for new messages, but
 it should be configurable to never ever steal focus for any reason
 whatsoever. Perhaps this should be the default setting for security
 reasons. Any life threatening emergencies like updated certificates and
 the like should be put on hold until the user finds time to deal with it.
 If an event is important enough to bother the user with *right now*, it is
 also important enough not to have it flashed by undetected and discarded
 because the user is busy typing something else at the time.

 I don't know if pidgin has any popups with gtk.Entry() like controls on
 them, but afaik they're not guaranteed not to have them. And it is quite
 frankly a disturbing thought that an IM program may steal focus with a
 popup and capture (part of?) one of my passwords and send it over the
 internet (?) once I hit enter.

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