[Pidgin] #9189: SCIM won't work after setting the status message

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Sun May 17 10:43:23 EDT 2009

#9189: SCIM won't work after setting the status message
 Reporter:  Nazcafan      |     Owner:  lschiere
     Type:  defect        |    Status:  new     
Component:  unclassified  |   Version:  2.5.5   
 Keywords:  SCIM,         |  
 I run a debian testing distro with SCIM (Anthy and hindi backends)

 SCIM works fine on pidgin as long as I don't set a status message. As soon
 as I set a status messages, SCIM will stop working i.e. the ctrl+shift
 combo won't let me switch from normal input to the SCIM input, either in
 the status message box, or in a dialog windows.

 However, I can revert to a working SCIM configuration by removing the
 status message and restarting pidgin.

 I will provide two prefs.xml that yield a working and not working SCIM
 behaviour using the above described method

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