[Pidgin] #8775: Add "Choose" menu item to avatar menu in statusbox

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Sat May 16 16:54:26 EDT 2009

#8775: Add "Choose" menu item to avatar menu in statusbox
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     Type:  patch  |       Status:  closed      
Milestone:  2.6.0  |    Component:  pidgin (gtk)
  Version:  2.5.5  |   Resolution:  fixed       
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Comment(by rlaager):

 The GNOME HIG says (or said, the last time I checked) that the first
 action in the right-click menu should be the left-click action. If nothing
 else, this provides the benefit of allowing users to see what a left click
 is going to do.

 We intentionally violate this recommendation for buddies in the buddy list
 (where Get Info, not IM) is on top. I've always found that choice silly.
 Either we should follow the HIG or not show IM at all. But back on

 I like this. I'm committing it, with the text changed to "Select Buddy
 Icon" and GTK_STOCK_ADD as the icon. deryni, if you absolutely hate it,
 please let me know.

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