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#9170: php/aspell conflict
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Comment(by jwm4):

 Glad to see you enjoying yourselves while proving my point about the
 unattractive, customer-be-damned attitude of some open source software
 organizations. Pidgin clearly falls in that category.

 Out of curiosity, I did look into your proposed app path solution for PHP.
 I am not a programmer, by the way, just a plain, old business guy, with
 lots of experience evaluating, investing in and managing info tech
 businesses.  From what I could discern, it would take considerable
 laborious effort for one to determine all the specific PHP
 modules/extensions, their dll's and dll locations as required to implement
 your "app path" solution, especially if one has installed PEAR with PHP.
 To undertake such an effort without very detailed instructions from the
 PHP/PEAR communities (which i could not find) would most likely result in
 a failed PHP installation. All so that spell check would work in an
 instant messenger?  Give me a break.

 It appears that Pidgin's customer support/quality assurance/bug fixing
 team, apparently supported by Pidgin's leaders, offers a perfect case
 study in how to: 1) blame and criticize customers for following the
 install instructions of one of the largest, most successful and most
 respected open source software organizations; 2) offer a "solution" that
 is impractical to implement without detailed support and guidance from
 PHP/PEAR, which Pidgin apparently has done nothing to obtain; 3) NOT work
 harmoniously and productively with other open source organizations to
 solve shared customer problems.

 Suit yourselves.  If your leadership continues to support such behavior,
 it will not be long before another open source organization that takes a
 much more proactive, customer (that is the correct word, not user) centric
 perspective and passes Pidgin by.  I've already identified several likely
 candidates, will be installing their IM and uninstalling Pidgin.  Have a
 nice day.

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