[Pidgin] #9173: search in contact list

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Thu May 14 00:18:40 EDT 2009

#9173: search in contact list
Reporter:  demony  |        Type:  plugin request                 
  Status:  new     |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)                   
 Version:  2.5.5   |    Keywords:  search find filter contact list
 Needed search plugin.
 by Ctrl+F3 or Ctrl+F or by menu select

 Opens a search window[[BR]]
 -  This window have table of contacts (form contact list).
 -  Each column in the table are the (name, group, status ets.)
 -  On the top of it - search field (input field)
 -  Then user wrote a word in the input field the table  will be filtered
 by this word.

 for examle see plugin for muranda IM (quicksearch)

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