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#34: Voice/video support
 Reporter:  MarkDoliner              |        Owner:  seanegan 
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Milestone:  Voice and Video Support  |    Component:  libpurple
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Comment(by morbidchimp):

 I've been a long time user of Pidgin and been watching this thread a
 while. When I first started the thread, I wasn't such a great programmer.
 I dont have 5 years c programming in Linux, but programming is programming
 and is overrated in its difficulity. Its just basic math, syntax and
 convention and time.

 So, to help put an end to this problem - and no offense, but Ignoring all
 the developers standards, I'm going to fork libpurple and pidgin myself to
 implement as much as I can. I'll try stick to the conventions the pidgin
 dev's use and their ideals, but I promise nothing.

 I'll post soon when I have a repository setup and begin coding. I've to
 start reading through the code and learn how things are done in libpurple
 but it shouldn't take me longer than a few weeks. I've not got 15 hours a
 week to spare, a little less most weeks - more other weeks. Lets see how
 it goes.

 Also, I'm not to concerned with Mac or Windows compatibility and I hate
 KDE. So the only environment I particulary care for atm is Linux. Though
 I'll work toward Windows compatibility too.... this will probibly make it
 less portable but for my needs its just enough.

 If anyone would care to help with this, let me know.... but at least now
 you are going to have one developer working wholly on it.

 Wish me luck,

 Best regards,


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