[Pidgin] #9158: Yahoo File Transfer Not Working

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Mon May 11 03:16:24 EDT 2009

#9158: Yahoo File Transfer Not Working
 Reporter:  bogdan5844  |     Owner:  marv 
     Type:  defect      |    Status:  new  
Component:  Yahoo!      |   Version:  2.5.5
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 Ubuntu 9.04:

 On Yahoo protocol,the file transfer is not working.Upon selecting the file
 to send (via conversation->send file or drag'n'drop) the file transfer
 window appears,but the status remains "Waiting for the other buddy to
 accept" (or something like that) even tough the other contact has accepted
 the file.

 This may be related to yahoo messenger 9 clients,because sometimes if I
 stop the transfer and then resend the file,the transfer works.But on
 certain Yahoo messenger 9 clients it does not work.

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