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Fri May 8 01:35:19 EDT 2009

#1325: blist: add option to hide groups
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     Type:  enhancement      |       Status:  new         
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Comment(by bernmeister):

 I'm all for having the buddy list hide groups!

 I did have an idea that extends beyond hiding the groups - sort of an
 auto-hide or "best fit".  It would work like this:

 1) Start Pidgin and it tries to show your buddy list with groups, online
 buddies and buddy details set.

 2) If it can't fit all that in the buddy list without a scrollbar
 appearing, then it starts "gracefully degrading"...either hide groups
 and/or hide buddy details.

 Would be nice too if I could specify how it degrades - what to show or not
 and in what order.  Some users might have all buddies showing (online and
 offline) all the time; others only have online buddies showing.

 The backend code would be challenging, but so too would be the UI to
 handle the above options.  I'd jump in and have a crack, but I've not done
 C for 15 years and there's no Java API ;-)

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