[Pidgin] #9141: Conversation Kiosk mode

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Thu May 7 23:59:32 EDT 2009

#9141: Conversation Kiosk mode
Reporter:  johnu  |        Type:  plugin request  
  Status:  new    |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)    
 Version:  2.5.5  |    Keywords:  kiosk fullscreen
 I have a young son.  I would like him to be able to chat to his
 grandparents (eventually via video/voice).  I would prefer it if he could
 do this semi-unattended.  Specifically I don't want him to be able to
 interact with the rest of pidgin and the operating system.

 I can see other uses for this also.  For example, I was once asked to see
 up an instant messenging kiosk so that online participants could be
 involved in a particular event.  Or perhaps an organisation might want a
 dedicated 'chat' kiosk (with support people or famous people or whatever).

 The vague concept that I have is ->
  * full screen (to hide everything else)
  * disable all input device shortcuts
  * unlock via special (advertised) key combination
  * auto-reconnect where applicable
  * perhaps an optional additional unlock via account password (or global

 Due to the quite specific nature of this functionality, I was thinking
 that it was most appropriate in a plugin.

 I'm planning on attempting to write this myself but would appreciate any
 advice on design, feasability, other related efforts or if others would
 also find this useful.

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