[Pidgin] #5811: XMPP, XEP-0136: Message Archiving -support

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Thu May 7 15:39:50 EDT 2009

#5811: XMPP, XEP-0136: Message Archiving -support
 Reporter:  olmari                              |        Owner:  deryni
     Type:  plugin request                      |       Status:  new   
Milestone:                                      |    Component:  XMPP  
  Version:  2.4.1                               |   Resolution:        
 Keywords:  xmpp, chat, history, log, XEP-0136  |  

Comment(by olmari):

 It doesn't have to be logviewer that gets the data, it can be plugin that
 retrieves updated log right after signed in to the XMPP account, and then
 ofcourse keep log updated to the server as the conversation goes on. This
 way there is no need to touch pidgins logviewer at all...

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