[Pidgin] #8319: Unable to rejoin MUC on network disconnect/reconnect.

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Wed May 6 13:51:15 EDT 2009

#8319: Unable to rejoin MUC on network disconnect/reconnect.
 Reporter:  drmessano      |        Owner:  darkrain42
     Type:  defect         |       Status:  new       
Milestone:                 |    Component:  XMPP      
  Version:  2.5.4          |   Resolution:            
 Keywords:  MUC reconnect  |  

Comment(by deryni):

 I actually believe that might have confused Openfire specifically. I saw a
 report that Openfire is particularly broken with respect to stanzas sent
 from connections that have not sent generally available presence (or
 something of that sort, it wasn't directed to me and I don't use Openfire
 so I didn't pay too close attention). But even if that is the case that
 isn't likely relevant to the problem, which we still believe (as far as I
 know) to be an Openfire bug.

 I forget if we worked around it in the cases we can do so, but I think we

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