[Pidgin] #8718: Make buddy pounce fit smaller screens

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Tue May 5 09:11:27 EDT 2009

#8718: Make buddy pounce fit smaller screens
 Reporter:  mterry                       |        Owner:  kstange     
     Type:  patch                        |       Status:  new         
Milestone:  Patches Needing Improvement  |    Component:  pidgin (gtk)
  Version:  2.5.5                        |   Resolution:              
 Keywords:  size                         |  

Comment(by mterry):

 Just coming back to this, sorry for delay.

 I examined other ways to shrink the dialog and was not happy with them
 (putting more stuff side-by-side makes things look cramped and violates
 the nice 1-column mode; making the 'send a message' format box a popup
 didn't save enough space).

 How about a slightly different approach to make the tabs more palatable.
 When the dialog is launched as a 'New Pounce' it will be a GtkAssistant
 that shows all options in different pages.  When you open the dialog to
 edit a pounce, you get what you see above in the screenshots -- same
 controls, just in tab form.

 Does that sound like a good compromise?

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