[Pidgin] #8424: Add http tunneling for Google Talk

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Mon May 4 12:03:06 EDT 2009

#8424: Add http tunneling for Google Talk
 Reporter:  grofaty         |        Owner:  seanegan   
     Type:  enhancement     |       Status:  closed     
Milestone:                  |    Component:  Google Talk
  Version:  2.5.4           |   Resolution:  duplicate  
 Keywords:  http tunneling  |  

Comment(by deryni):

 If you have a misconfigured Global Proxy then trying to use it is going to
 fail but there isn't anything pidgin can do about that. So you need to
 check if your global proxy settings are identical to the ones you set up
 in pidgin and if they aren't fix them and try that. If they are then there
 may be a pidgin issue.

 If indeed you find that pidgin works with the manual proxy but fails with
 the (correct) global proxy please file a new ticket for it as the issue in
 this ticket was different.

Ticket URL: <http://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/8424#comment:10>
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