[Pidgin] #9095: Pidgin Sending Text Messages without asking or prompting?

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#9095: Pidgin Sending Text Messages without asking or prompting?
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 Your friend set up their phone number with MSN and enabled the forward-IMs
 feature, pidgin therefore sees the phone number and uses it when it thinks
 it is appropriate.

 This is a standard MSN feature, and is even indicated on the MSN
 [http://download.live.com/messenger website].

 We know our handling of mobile users is not as good as it could be, but to
 date I don't believe we've been able to figure out a better (for everyone)
 way to handle it.

 pidgin did not send a text message, MSN did for us, this is different then
 adding a phone number to the buddy list (for AIM) to specifically message
 with someone via text messages (though in that case also pidgin is not
 doing the text message sending itself).

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