[Pidgin] #9095: Pidgin Sending Text Messages without asking or prompting?

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Fri May 1 20:16:30 EDT 2009

#9095: Pidgin Sending Text Messages without asking or prompting?
 Reporter:  louie55       |     Owner:  lschiere
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Component:  unclassified  |   Version:  2.5.5   
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 I just started using Pidgin. I'm on Ubuntu 9.04.

 I signed into my MSN account and it said one of my contacts was
 "Available". So I double clicked on their name and sent them a short
 message intending it to be an IM. However, IT SENT THE MESSAGE TO THEIR
 CELL PHONE!? Then they sent me a message back (via text message) and it
 made it back to my chat window just like an IM. They asked how I texted
 them with a weird number and I said I didn't even know I was texting
 you??!? I thought I was chatting?!

 When I put the mouse arrow over their name in the main Pidgin window, it
 does list their mobile phone number in the popup (but I didn't type it
 in), however I never intended to send a text message. I can't believe
 Pidgin sent a text message without prompting or anything. Is this normal
 behavior? I searched Google and couldn't come up with anyone saying this
 has happened before. Everything I read says you have to take special steps
 to send a text message via Pidgin like typing in a phone number and such.

 Anybody know how this happened??

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