[Pidgin] #8694: Support NetworkManager 0.7 multiple devices

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Fri May 1 11:20:10 EDT 2009

#8694: Support NetworkManager 0.7 multiple devices
 Reporter:  pedric                       |        Owner:           
     Type:  patch                        |       Status:  new      
Milestone:  Patches Needing Improvement  |    Component:  libpurple
  Version:  2.5.5                        |   Resolution:           
 Keywords:  NetworkManager               |  

Comment(by pedric):

 The 5th version that I uploaded adresses a number of issues I was having
 with detecting if a reconnect was really needed. It now always reconnects
 if the number of active devices changes. I decided to remove the code that
 attempted to minimize the number of unnecessary reconnects, mainly because
 of the fact that information about default connections for DNS and routes
 provided by libnm_glib have been unreliable, and also because I found
 Pidgin to stall not only if one of multiple devices is disconnected, but
 sometimes also if a device is connected. This 5th version basically
 provides the functionality as if the user was using an earlier version of

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