Pigion with iOS11.2.2

Dave Warren dw at thedave.ca
Tue Jan 23 14:22:22 EST 2018

No, and there is no one who has shown interest in a port (nor would many 
likely be particularly happy with the results).

Noting that you're a Sr. Technical Support Engineer, are you aware that 
your internal documentation seems to point users here with the 
understanding that they will receive private, one-on-one technical 
support, and without the understanding that this is a publicly 
distributed, publicly archived mailing list.

We get a fair amount of traffic which demands a resolution to problems 
which are clearly internal (most often relating to server connection 
problems). There were two earlier today having connection or 
authentication issues, neither of which can be addressed here.

In some cases employees post sensitive information and later discover it 
was posted publicly and request that the public archive of their content 
be removed (which is impossible since this list is archived by multiple 
different groups/individuals).

I mention this not to embarrass, but rather, in the hope that you can 
escalate to the appropriate team to update the contact information for 
your internal XMPP service to your first level helpdesk so that your 
staff can get the help they need.

Finally, note that I have no affiliation with pidgin except as a user, 
and member of the support mailing list.

On 2018-01-23 09:33, steve ritacco wrote:
> Hi,
>   Any updates on Pidgin working with iOS version 11.2.2?
> thanks,
> -- 
> Steve F. Ritacco
> Sr. Technical Support Engineer
> Oracle x86 Global Systems Support

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