Cannot Login to Pidgin after changing Passwords

David Woolley forums at
Mon Jan 22 13:12:03 EST 2018

It's never possible to log in to Pidgin, as Pidgin is a just a client 
that sends log in requests to a server.  The server belongs to your 
company, not to anyone associated with this public mailing list, or the 
pidgin software.  We can only guess what it is, and have absolutely no 
control over it.

Standard response to the Oracle users whose misdirected problem reports 
accounts for about 50% of the traffic on this list:

We are advised that people within the Oracle network can use 
<> for more information; for 
outsiders, like us, it just redirects to the public home page.

Please explain to whoever should be supporting you why you went to the 
wrong place, and suggest how they could fix that in future.

On 22/01/18 16:19, barry larson wrote:
> As required by corporate policy, I changed my passwords on Friday and 
> today, all my applications work except Pidgin. I am clearly having a 
> login problem and it will not accept my old nor my new password. I have 
> tried many things many times over the past 1 1/2 hour, including 
> deleting my account and recreating it, but nothing works.
> Any Suggestions?
> Barry

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