Binding special characters in finch

Doron Behar doron.behar at
Sat Jan 6 12:44:05 EST 2018

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to change the default key bindings of `finch` - the command
line purple based client.

I've read the man page of finch(1) throughly and I'm experiencing a
problem binding the following keys to commands:


I understand why `c-m` may be problematic, I've heard on other programs'
manuals (Vim for example) that the terminal can't really differentiate
between `c-m` and the Enter Key.

As for `c-[` and `c-]`, binding some functions to these could really
help me.. It just doesn't work, I also want to bind two other functions
to `c-{` and `c-}` and it doesn't work as well. I tried `c-shift-[` and
`c-shift-]` as well and it doesn't work as well.

I really need to bind these keys because most of the default bindings of
`finch` have alt as a modifier just like most of my tmux bindings so I
really need to solve the collisions.

I would really appreciate some help if anyone had experience with it..

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